About us

Our investments
Monkey Ventures invents, develops and operates various online ventures. Each venture with its own strategy, partners and proposition. Monkey Ventures invests in people and ideas. As a result, we have already realized several ventures together with different business partners in different sectors. We like to work in modesty but with the best to always be able to reach the limit.

Business development is where we start. Responding to market demand. Responding to market demand. With our professionals we move in various sectors. Our various knowledge Units are leading in this.

Concepts are developed, possibly together with our partners. We develop at a high level and maintain this with our strong performance in the field of venture management.

Do you have that one fantastic idea that can be perfectly translated into a new venture? Then work with us! Clear agreements, a good legal policy and the best performance.

Do you lack technical knowledge, capital or network? Then work with us! everal brands and start-ups preceded you. Make an appointment with one of our venture managers and discuss your idea.

Monkey Ventures works with renowned lawyers to protect ideas properly if desired. An NDA is a part of this, because your idea is really yours. Let’s do it together!